EMI Develops Key Artists in the Pacific NW in 1988-89

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Photo Page 14 covers an impressive period in the late 80's which EMI Records flexes it's marketing muscle while breaking trend setting new artists. With the Northwest being fertile grounds for chart busting activities, EMI's NW Manager Phillip Rauls leads the way with key radio success combined with regional tour support.

Strong retail activity were the results of a carefully crafted marketing strategy coming from the talented EMI promotion and marketing team combined with the Capitol-EMI sales force known as CEMA Distribution. A nationwide campaign of marketing analysis, video planning and targeted advertising placement produced key results and landmark successes for EMI Records during this period of great achievement.

Robert Palmer was known for guitar-driven music, his handsome looks and sleek wardrobe of eloquent suits. Yet, after 14 years and 9 classic albums with Chris Blackwell's Island Records, Robert Palmer moves in a different direction in 1988 and signs a long term contract with EMI Records.

Phillip Rauls and Robert Palmer pause backstage for a photo after his sold-out performance in Spokane, WA at the city's newly opened Opera House.

MTV played a major role in the newfound success of Robert Palmer as his video's had become the TV's networks national anthem.

"Heavy Nova" was Robert Palmer's debut album release on EMI Records while combining a fusion of 'heavy metal' and 'bossa nova' sounds hence the album's title. It produced the monster hit single, "Simply Irresistible" which peaked at # 2 on the Billboard charts. The album was recorded at Logic Studios, Milan, Italy and Compass Point Studios, Bahamas.

Robert Palmer's video featured a dozen mini skirted models performing behind him while pretending to be his backup band. The Terrence Donovan produced video displayed Palmer surrounded by beautiful deadpan models in a striking exhibition that was undoubtedly the signature event of the times.

Robert Palmer and Phillip Rauls were reunited once again this time at EMI. The two first met in the early 70's while touring with British soul band 'Vinegar Joe' who had several albums on Atlantic Records. Then again several years later in 1985 on the "Riptide" album released on Island Records. Pictured below are the results of their EMI stint together with a gold record award.

A EMI Records corporate meeting in Los Angeles brings together several key label represenatives. (Clockwise from L-R) Mary Margaritas, Tom "Buckwheat" Shoberg, George Silva, Chris Baca, Phillip Rauls, Michael Schide and in center EMI Records President & CEO, Sal Licata.

The "Heavy Nova" album by Robert Palmer was certified platinum while begining an exciting new era for the career of the British superstar.

Thanks to good friend and HITS Magazine editor, Lenny Beer, anyone can be an open target for the magazine's twisted satire. (Double-click to enlarge photo)

Tour badge and All Access Pass from the Robert Palmer's Heavy Nova Tour of the U.S.

The beautiful Jane Wiedlin and Phillip Rauls pause for a colorful kodak moment prior to attending a industry function in Washington D.C.

Jane Wiedlin's "Fur" album on EMI was a highly praised solo album coming from a former member of the all female group, The Go-Go's

On a promotional visit to Z-100 Radio in Portland, Phillip along with Program Director Sean Lynch, Jane Wiedlin and Clark Margol are all smiles.

Phillip and Jane Wiedlin share a laugh at a lunch gathering at The Four Seasons Riverfront Hotel in 1989.

Phillip and long time friend Vince Faraci from Atlantic Records reunite in 1989 at a Radio & Records Industry Convention. Years earlier in 1970, Phillip replaced Vince as SW Region Promotion Director at Atlantic when Vince was being promoted to National Promo Director and moved to New York.

Jane Wiedlin wearing a long black wig comically spoofs while appearing to be classic pin-up star Bettie Page.

Richard Marx's second EMI album release "Repeat Offender" blew the lid off existing sales as it conquered the Billboard Album chart at the #1 position and sold over 3 million copies while eventually selling over 5 million U.S. copies.

Another longtime friend Larry Raspberry and his band take the stage at a performance in Portland. (L-R) L. Raspberry, Greg Morrow, Tommy Cathy and George Bradfute. Photo (c) by Phillip.

The triple platinum award of Richard Marx's "Repeat Offender" album was honored to all participating members of the EMI staff. Above is Phillip's personal copy of the award.

After a Richard Marx performance at the Puyallup Fair, a live broadcast backstage brings together (L-R) EMI's Phillip Rauls, KUBE Radio's Chet Buchannan, Richard Marx, KUBE's Tom Huytler.

Richard Marx in concert

The first two singles from the album, "Satisfied" and "Right Here Waiting," both reached the #1 postion on Billboard Singles Chart. The third single from the "Repeat Offender" album was the song "Angelia" which reached the #4 postion. Richard Marx became the first solo artist to reach the Top 5 position with his first seven singles. A remarkable achievement yet to be topped.

The year 1989 was an excellent year for music

Official Richard Marx World Tour Jacket

A Capitol-EMI Records Halloween costume party at the Space Needle was the perfect opportunity for Phillip to dress-up as Moses

KPLZ Radio in Seattle was interview stop for this occasion. (L-R) Mark Allen-KPLZ, Richard Marx, Phillip Rauls-EMI, Doug Cooper-KPLZ.

EMI Records Brian Setzer's releases "Live Nude Guitars" to the rave of music critics worldwide. Setzer was formally the vocalist-guitarist of the legendary band, The Stray Cats also on EMI.

Glamour Camp's self-titled LP release on EMI was a very underrated album. Shortly after release the band disbanded as this album served as their only release.

A homemade bikini contest held at Wild Waves Water Park brings out celebrity judges from KUBE Radio, Gary Bryant & Tom Huytler and EMI Records Phillip Rauls and Cory Hart

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