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While Other Record Labels Struggled to Achieve Marginal Hits...

One of the most convincing success stories for the EMI label took place in Minneapolis when an American exchange student returned home from his studies in Sweden. Upon returning he brought with him his favorite record that he'd heard over the airwaves there when he decided to visit the Minneapolis radio station, KDWB, and share his song with the programming staff. The name of the song was, "The Look" by Swedish duo ROXETTE when the station decided to give it a spin to test it's hit status. That's when the station's request line lit-up like a Christmas tree with overwhelming response while the popularity of the song gained the attenion of the EMI's home office in New York. That's when ROXETTE was immediately signed to a worldwide record deal and the single was rush released in the U.S to accommodate it's rapid spread of popularity. "The Look" became their first No. #1 record in the U.S. and a breakthrough internationally. Those stories and others that are featured on this page are what makes the EMI label so special.      

Roxette's first U.S. album release 'Look Sharp!' featured the monster hit single, "The Look" along with the chart toppers, "Dressed for Success," "Listen to Your Heart" and fourth single, "Dangerous." Now, 20 years afterwards and well into the 21st Century those songs are still prominently featured in the music world.

Sweden's super duo Roxette featured the charming Marie Fredriksson (L) and Per Gessle (R). Standing center is EMI's Phillip Rauls as they pause for a photo at an industry function. Roxette's videos were some of the most viewed videos on both MTV & VH1 for years to come.

Framed copys of Roxette's multi-platinum "Look Sharp" album were awarded to those who were influential in helping build the groups success.

Guitarist Per Gessle sharred vocal parts while lead singer Marie Fredriksson's voice blanketed the pop charts while being programed on several radio formats plus video giant MTV's coverage and numerous video channels around the globe.

Hitmakers Magazine displays a cozy picture of members of the Northwest Radio & Record commumity in their November 1991 spread of a seminar held in Seattle.

Disk Jockeys love to play Roxette's easy to program music. Every time a new Roxette song was released, radio stations immediately put their record on the air as telephone requests and record sales reflected their huge popularity.

Key radio support was essential in building Roxette's all important fan base. Pictured here are (L-R) Mark Todd-KRQQ Tucson, Connie Breeze-KKRZ Portland, Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson of Roxette and EMI's Phillip Rauls.

"After several lean years in the early 80's the music business now seemed like the days of wine and roses were upon us. Years of strong focus and hard work were finally paying off. Plus, simultaneously, EMI's elaborate music cataglog was catching fire and the company's joint revenue plan was issuing some nice Christmas bonus checks for all participating staff members." says Phillip Rauls (R)

Natalie Cole's "Miss You Like Crazy" was her 5th top ten release to hit the Billboard pop chart. Released in 1989 on EMI Records, Ms. Cole's career had experienced a complete turn-around as this single peaked at # 7.

Excellent material and production combined with outstanding promotion and marketing helped revise a singer's career. Pictured here (L-R) Natalie Cole and EMI's NW Promotion Manager Phillip Rauls.

"The King Of Wishful Thinking" by Go West was a big hit on EMI Records for the handsome Brits. Their song was featured in the hit movie soundtrack of "Pretty Woman" staring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Go West members Peter Cox and Martin Page co-wrote the hit single "The King Of Wishful Thinking" and peaked on Billboard's Hot 100 chart at number # 8.

The EMI Records Promotion Staff in the 1990's. But if we look closely, the fashion police were apparently absent for that staff photo. Surely somebody must have dared M.O. Martin to wear that ever-dreadful outfit.

Whoa! Hey, Mr. M.O. Martin, what were you thinking dressing like that? Halarious!

The Northwest radio & record community was abundant with colorful personalities. Here local media photographer Darrell Westmoreland and Chrysalis Records regional record executive Robert Nesbitt pause for a snapshot while attending a R&R Convention in San Francisco.

A Canon camera was the choice of Phillip Rauls throughout the entire 1970's, 80's and early 90's. While traveling extensively, Phillip began experimenting with smaller and more lightweight cameras that were less cumbersome in a fast moving world of music business.

In February of 1991 EMI Record's Pet Shop Boys landed on the cover of Music Collector.

The T-Shirt business expanded rapidly in the early 1970's thru the 21st Century with the explosion of pop-culture. Over a period of time it transitioned from being an undergarment into general-use casual clothing and adopted by rock stars and music lovers, fashion designers, celebrities and general public. It symbolizes social status, rebellion and physical attraction.

Living in the pristine Northwest was a dream come true for Phillip Rauls. His residence displayed some of his achievements in both the music world and also from the successful basketball teams in which he participated.

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