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Photo Page 13 canvasses a period of career milestones starting in 1987 as Phillip is transferred to the Great Pacific Northwest as EMI's Northwest Promotion & Marketing Manager. While working with the very best professionals in the music industry, here is a page of special photographs celebrating those magical years.

EMI Records Corey Hart and label executive Phillip Rauls share smiles together while in Seattle. Not many musicians can make claim of the success Corey Hart has experienced.

Corey Hart's "Young Man Running" received considereable NW airplay and chart success.

Upon moving to Seattle, Phillip remarked that "The view driving to work everyday was simply spectacular as you've got snowcap mountains, the ocean...and Latte stands on every corner."

EMI merges with Manhattan Records

Program Director Gary Bryant of KUBE Radio shares a moment with EMI's Cory Hart and Phillip Rauls.

The logo reflected a new era for the label.

In this photo the talented EMI promotion staff welcomes Jack Statter to their tribe as the "Chief Promo Officer." The marketing team went on to conquer ground breaking achievements in the field of artist development while maintaining chart dominance for the label's prestigious roster of artists. Plus, the group knew how to party.

New promo chief Jack Satter from Manhattan.

The soundtrack to the Hollywood blockbuster "Pretty Woman" was on EMI Records. The film was a hilarious romantic comedy featuring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts and one of the largest grossing movies of that genre. The soundtrack was considered by many as 'The Best Pop Soundtrack Ever' and featured the massive hits, "King Of Wishful Thinking" by Go West and "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette.

The Pet Shop Boys were a top act for EMI.

Seattle's very own progressive-metal band Queensryche were on EMI and breaking out of their cult-status into mainstream. Here band members pose with EMI and CEMA exec's. (L-R) Russ Martin-CEMA, Scott Rockenfield, Chris DeGarmo, Eddie Jackson, Michael Wilton, Phillip Rauls-EMI, Geoff Tate, Kevin McCaffery-CEMA.

The release party of Queensryche's "EMPIRE" album was held in Seattle's Eastlake district. Phillip was the MC of the memorable event.

The Pretty Woman soundtrack went Platinum.

EMI's hottest new group Vixen visted Z-100 Radio in Portland and drew key male staff members to the forefront. (L-R top) Phillip Rauls-EMI, Share Peterson-Vixen, Sean Lynch-Program Director Z-100, Janet Gardner-Vixen, Mark Kargol-EMI. (Kneeling) Gus Swanson & Jim Allen of Z-100 Radio.

Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime album drew global attention as a Rock newcomer

Nobody said the publicity machine was nice.

Corey Hart delivers an introductory speech at his CD listening party at Bad Animals Recording Studio in Seattle while EMI's Phillip Rauls observes.

As a former basketball player, coach and referee, being able to purchase season tickets to the Seattle Supersonics games was a dream come true for Phillip.

If the truth be known, the real story about record promoters was they were marketing slaves and literally glued to their telephones for extensive periods while communicating vital information to the area's radio stations regarding their artist. Pictured here are two phone slaves taking a break at their offices on Lake Union. Northwest promo legend and Capitol Records regional manager Stan Foreman and EMI's Phillip Rauls pause for a photo between marketing calls.

Vixens self titled debut album on EMI included the hit single "Edge of A Broken Heart" which was written and produced by Richard Marx.

A Seattle Mariners promotion brings out all the big guns for a photo op. (L-R) Jeff Smulyan, Robbie Nevil, Mark Kargol, M.C. Hammer, Ken Griffy Jr, Phillip Rauls and Carl Weinstein.

EMI's Phillip Rauls clowns with Vixen bassist Share Pedersen as the band tours the NW.

EMI's Lions And Ghosts visit KXRX Radio in Seattle. Pictured here are EMI's Phillip Rauls, KXRX's Brew Michaels while standing with band members. Holding radio station sign is KXRX Music Director, Dean Carlson.

Vixen's album earned the coveted Gold Record.

Official Corey Hart sweatshirt

Another classic album release on EMI was Thomas Dolby's "Aliens Ate My Buick."

Identification badge from Bobby Poe's Pop Music Convention

The Stray Cats were a top act for EMI throughout the mid-1980's.

A Capitol-EMI Records party brings everyone together. (L-R) Phillip Rauls-EMI, Christen-CEMA, Kevin McCathfery-CEMA, Terry Sauter-CEMA, Stan Foreman-Capitol, Astrid Guldenmann-CEMA, Russ Martin-CEMA and Jack Satter-EMI.

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