Phillip Rauls Original Photographs - The Eary Years

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Displayed on Photo 5 Page are previously unviewed photographs that have never been published or reached the mainstream media. Many have remained in shoe boxes and stored away in attics for over 30 years before sharing with the public. We hope you enjoy.

By the early 1970's Phillip was traveling extensively throughout the region as the Atlantic Records Artist Relations Manager for the Southern states. Here he begins to develop his style of photography via the natural exposure of elements reflecting innate shadows and inherent reality. As a choice, Phillip was reluctant to use a flash claiming 400 speed film produced the effect which he desired. Taking pictures was always his passion yet secondary to his love of promoting media exposure for deserving artist. Although he was known to be very competitive and self-driven to succeed, money was never an incentive for either task, but done for the love of lobbying for a successful campaign. Jokingly he would often say, "Today it's King Crimson...tomorrow it's Bette Midler...seems like the job is never done." But it was a tough job and someone had to do it.

Manassas in the Spotlight

Former Byrd member Chris Hillman joins Manassas frontman Stephen Stills while trading guitar licks. Photo taken on stage by Phillip while touring in 1973. 

YES's Chris Squire Skinny as a Rake

YES bassist Chris Squire pauses for a chat at his hotel (1971) while reaching for a smoke. Phillip toured with the band numerous times and acknowledged in the band's biography as being instrumental for their early success. Years later in 2005 YES marked their 35th anniversary with a world tour and new DVD as Phillip visited with the band after their Seattle appearence.

Keith Sykes in his Youth

Pictured here is a noteworthy black & white photograph of singer-songwriter Keith Sykes as he exhales smoke beneath a poster of Steve McQueen (circa-1967). This abstract style of capturing an unrehearsed image was consistant in the early photos taken by Phillip.

Bear in the Spotlight

Performing his boogie blues without a shirt is Canned Heat's 300 pound Bear Hite singing "Let's Work Together."

Can you believe this?

While jetting to the next gig, Buddy Zoloth (right) Road Manager for Stephen Stills is exasperated by the review in Rolling Stone Magazine about Stills' new album. Phillip points out the critical review while in disbelief.

Denmark Terminal

Booker T. & The MG's drummer Al Jackson Jr. stops between terminal gates to speak with The Mar-Keys Don Nix. This photo is puzzling as both appear engaged in a serious conversation. However, common knowledge supports that  very seldom have either engaged in a serious conversation. Two free spirits with great senses of humor.

Larry Raspberry Howlin' The Blues

Larry Raspberry howls in harmony with everyones favorite canine pet named "Eagle Beagle."

Johnny Winter shouts "Oh Yeah"

A picturesque Johnny Winter lets out a holler on stage as he turns away from the spotlight.

Emerson Lake & Palmer ticket stub

ELP's drummer Carl Palmer relaxing onboard

Carl Palmer reads Melody Maker Magazine while traveling to the next concert venue.

Phillip hooks a 200 pound Shark

On a fishing trip in South Florida aboard "The Big O" Phillip catches a big shark. The yacht was owned by music executive Joe Galkin and named after recording artist that he developed, Otis Redding. Note the hole in top of the shark's head where a shotgun blast was required before pulling the shark aboard the boat.

Portrait of Bluesman Don Nix

In this photograph taken in San Francisco in 1975 while on tour with The Don Nix-Larry Raspberry & Highsteppers Review, here Nix gives a sobering stare as Phillip captures the moment.

YES's Rick Wakeman being interviewed

Rick Wakeman was a pleasant addition to YES at keyboards as he replaced Tony Kaye who was reluctant to explore the use of the synthesizer. Here Wakeman is being interviewed at WRNO-FM in New Orleans by DJ 'Humble' Hugh Dillard.

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