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Photo 11 Page covers a well photographed period for Rauls Music where many recording artists and radio personalities gathered at industry functions for the sole purpose of fun and frolicking.

Ever the perpetual shutterbug, Page 11 displays Phillip's passion for capturing friends and colleagues who have gathered for specific events. Either it be a recording session or industry function, here's a colorful collection of people worthy of those special Kodak moments. Shown in this first series of photographs are dear friend and co-founder of the supergroup BREAD, James "Jimmy" Griffin. After the group broke up Jimmy returns to his original roots and hometown of Memphis to resume his recording career. Upon his relocation Rauls Music was hired to market and consult Griffin's career. 


Phillip Rauls and Jimmy Griffin were good friends and business associates. Together they worked towards revitalizing the struggling Memphis Music economy with new record releases that were produced and recorded in Memphis.

Jimmy Griffin had one single released on Memphis based Shoe Records titled "Lonely Girls" (A-side) and "Heartbeat" (B-side).

James "Jimmy" Griffin co-founder of Bread sits at the piano bearing his Academy Award for hit song "For All We Know" by The Carpenters.

Bread sold millions of records worldwide and still remains a music icon in the 21st century.

In what might have been marketed as a Super-Duo, former vocalist from the British supergroup The Hollies Terry Slyvester and former Bread co-founder Jimmy Griffin join forces to record an album. Pictured above is a news clipping from the daily paper Memphis Press-Scimitar; Listening to the final mix of "Picking Up the Pieces" are (from left) Terry Sylvester, engineer Andy Black, Jimmy Griffin and promoter Phillip Rauls.

Rauls Music was developed by principal owner Phillip Rauls as an agency that provided promotion and marketing services for both local and national recording artists in the mid 80's.

The Griffin & Slyvester recording sessions brings smiles as Phillip, Terry and Jimmy are pleased with it's solid production results.

Griffin & Slyvester Album Cover on Polydor

A Griffin Slyvester recording session pow-wow brings together the brain trust. (L-R) Phillip Rauls, Terry Slyvester, Jimmy Griffin and song writer John Paul Daniel.

Griffin and Slyvester publicity shot

Producer Bobby Manuel sits behind the console at The Daily Planet Recording Studio. Manuel became Jim Stewart's partner in the studio after the closure of STAX Records. It was at The Daily Planet where R&B artist Shirley Brown recorded her hit singles.

The declining Disco Music scene was taking a beating in the press. (actual UPI news clipping)

Lovely and talented RCA recording artist Susanne Jerome Taylor had several single releases that drew strong interest throughout the region.

Media reps gather for a going-away party for Clarence Johnson that was well attended. (L-R) Sidney Mendelson, Tommy Chaltas, Greg Hamilton, Mike Powell, Ron Michaels, Tony Yoken and (kneeling) Phillip Rauls.

Handshake artist Debra Dejean had several releases that gained substantial airplay.

Handshake Records and Rauls Music entered into a marketing agreement in which several local Memphis artists benifited. Handshake Records executives Ron Alexenburg and Peter Gidion were champions for artists that hailed from the Memphis area.

Record executive Phillip Rauls encourages WMC FM-100 Radio Program Director Gary Guthrie to play more Memphis Music, but to no avail.

Handshake artist Rob Junklass benifited by the aforementioned marketing association when his "Memphis Thang" became the title theme song of popular TV program 'The Tim Mullins Show.'

Long time friend and former Gentrys' member Jimmy Hart had several releases on Astell Axton's Fretone Records which were promoted and marketed by Rauls Music.

Shown above is an interview in Slit Magazine with Phillip Rauls titled "Dedication and Hustle." (double-click to enlarge).

Keith Sykes had become an excellent songsmith by the 1980's with numerous artists recording his songs. In both of these two original (c) photographs (above & at right) Phillip displays his affinity for shooting photos of recording artists in their natural surroundings.

Singer songwriter John Kilzer was being mentored by Rauls Music when he was introduced to fellow associate Keith Sykes. Through that association Kilzer would fine tune his craft of songwriting.

In March of 1986 a music seminar sponsored by the State of Tennessee and the Memphis Music Commission was held at the Hotel Peabody. Radio & Record executives attending the event were (L-R) Jimmy Smith-K97 Radio, Phillip Rauls-Rauls Music, Micheal St. John-KX104, Steve Conley-FM100, Robert E. Knight-WHBQ, Dick Williams-EMI Records.

Rauls Music sponsored a championship team that had many well known basketball players. Back row (L-R) John Kilzer, Malcom McKinney, Dennis Isbell, Ron Franz, Mike Okeefe. Front row (L-R) Dexter Reed, Phillip Rauls, Mike Butler, Mike King and Jeffery Wyatt.

A Gentrys Reunion? Here legendary producer Lincoln "Chips" Moman, Larry Raspberry and Phillip Rauls discuss a Gentry Reunion.

A large delegation of Music Row VIP's from Nashville attended the seminar. (L-R) Phillip Rauls-Rauls Music, Toni Wine Moman, Jack Clement, Steve Popovich-CBS Records, Mrs. Steve Popovich and Chips Moman.

Author Peter Guralnick wrote several highly influential books on secular music and it's Southern roots. In Guralnick making the connection with Phillip towards contributing photographs for his book, it also served as an awakening towards a new career ambition for Phillip.

Peter Guralnick's "Sweet Soul Music" featured three photographs from Phillip Rauls archive collection. Guralnick's pursuit provided much inspiration for a new course of career assemblage for Phillip when he began the careful preservation of his photographs.

The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll was the first documentation of it's kind to capture an entire genre of music written by the top music journalist that included long-lost photos from the early days of Rock. Phillip Rauls contributed a photo from his collection that was included in this unmatched pictorial record.

Another renowned music journalist Robert 'Bob' Palmer of the New York Times used a photo from Phillip's archive collection in his editorial entry 'The Sound of Memphis' in noted book "The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock & Roll."

The business of operating an independent promotion and marketing company came to a screeching halt when a federal investigation prevented major record companies from hiring local promoters. This issue would greatly affect the future of the Rauls Music promotion agency. Yet, if you continue to Photo 12 Page, this will reveal a truly beneficial outcome.

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