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"Early in my career as a record promoter I adopted the slogan of 'Promoting Music Means Promoting People.' Those words expressed my heartfelt passion for the music business and love for advancing the careers of recording artists. At first my goals were simple whereas if any of the artist I promoted really hit the big time, then perhaps I wouldn't have to get a real job."

"In this day and age of documentation and certification, two time capsules that always fascinated me are the process of recorded music and the frozen images displayed on a photograph. Both are remarkable technologies. Here we are in the 21st Century and continue to appreciate events that happened years ago. Being the son of a career librarian, I learned at an early age the importance of preservation of artifacts that capture sound, images and preception. After years of relocating and finally settleing on a tranquil roost, I rummanged through dozens of dusty containers that were stored in my attic and garage only to find these classic photographs along with collectable memorabilia. And now through the advent of the internet, we can all view these treasures. I hope you enjoy them." Phillip Rauls


Phillip Rauls presents the gold record award of "Sometimes When We Touch" by Dan Hill to WMC-FM 100's John Wagnor and Ron Olsen

Booker T. and The MG's guitarist Steve Cropper plucks his Gibson guitar while Booker T. views with approval. Shooting this photo on stage at The Atlanta Pop Festival was a career highlight for Phillip.

Yes, you're reading it correctly. The Gentrys did headline above the legendary group The Kingsmen.

Phillip Rauls and Larry Raspberry grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school and worked together on numerous recording projects. Larry's recordings have spanned over 4 decades and released on several influential record labels such as MGM Records, Atlantic, Stax (Enterprise), Mercury and Intense Records.

Blues Project's Al Kooper appears in the spotlight wearing his white patent leather shoes. Kooper became a member of Blood Sweat and Tears and later joined Mike Bloomfield and Stephen Stills in recording the highly influential 'Super Sessions.' (Photo (c) Phillip Rauls)

Creedence Clearwater Revivals's John Forgerty strums his Rickenbacker guitar while drummer Doug Clifford keeps the beat. Phillip worked with and promoted several of CCR's early albums. This is one of his favorite photographs (c) and shot on stage at The Atlanta Pop Festival in 1969.

Jim Stewart owner of Stax Records gave Phillip his first career break by hiring him as Local Promotion Manager for the label in early 1968. Stewart's easy-going nature influenced Phillip throughout his career. (c) David Reed

The turbulent 60's ended with the casos of the Viet Nam War, a Presidential resignation and an endless decade of Motown ballads. The music charts became dominated with Folk Rock, Psychedelic Music, and Heavy Metal.

Singer-songwriter Keith Sykes and Phillip were neighbors and school mates and entered the music business during the same period. Keith's first two albums were on Vangard Records, a label known for avant-garde folk singers.

Lava lamps, bean bags and pricey sound systems like Marantz Amps, Advent and JBL speakers were envouge while the Love Generation preferred the Volkswagen Bus as their mode of transportation.

Radio was the voice of the Flower Power generation while Disk Jockeys played the role of Pied Pipers. WMC-FM 100 was a 400,00 watt powerhouse whose free-form programming played a paramount role in development of artist on the local, regional and national scene. (L-R) Ron Michaels, Greg Hamilton, David (Gingold) Day, Jon Scott and Program Director Mike Powell.

The Atlanta Pop Festival was the setting for this group of baked concert goers. (Clockwise L-R) Phyllis Young, Disk Jockey Scott Shannon, Electra Records Terry Fletcher & guest, songwriter Ken Woodley, recording artist Larry Raspberry and center Atlantic Records Phillip Rauls.

Famed Led Zeppelin drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham pounds the snare and high hat on his exhibition piece, "Moby Dick." Photo (c) shot on stage by Phillip Rauls.

Led Zeppelin drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham chats with Atlantic Records General Manager Jerry Greenberg and Phillip Rauls during a industry party held for the band at the legendary Comso's Recording Studio in New Orleans. Phillip was Regional Promotion Manager for Atlantic during a period of enormous growth and influence for the record label.

Led Zeppelin's vocalist Robert Plant, known by his bandmates and associates as "Percy," was enamored by early Rockabilily and Rhythm & Blues Music that originated out of Memphis.

Led Zeppelins popularity reached postage stamp status

Led Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant was a giant of a man and intimidated many by his size and mannerisms. Although he rubbed many people the wrong way, he deserves equal credit for the bands successes. Grant passed away of a fatal heart attack in 1995. (Photo (c) Sidney Smith)

Following the demise of the Yardbirds, guitarist Jimmy Page was eager to fulfill booking engagements that were commited prior to the bands breakup and organized a band to meet those requirements. When hearing of this mockery, The Who's drummer Keith Moon laughed of this patched-together replacement band impersonating as "The New Yardbirds" and responded that Page's idea "would go down like a led zeppelin." Hence the band's name.

Atlantic Records long term relationship with Eric Clapton covered many artistic endeavors. Derek and The Dominos album "Layla," although a brilliant production, took the promotion team two years of persuading the media to believe in this band. Now days "Layla" is considered the single most influential song in the history of Rock Music.

Meanwhile back in Memphis, Booker T. & The MG's released an album titled "McLemore Ave" as a response to The Beatles "Abby Road." Stax Records marquee is pictured in background in upper left hand picture.

The Allman Brothers Band forever changed the surface of Southern Rock. They blended Blues, Soul, Gospel, Jazz and Funk into a blue-eyed Rock fusion. Their record label Capricorn Records located in Macon, GA was distrubuted by Atlantic Records. Photo (c) by Stephen Paley.

As Atlantic Records Regional Promotion & Marketing Representative & Artist Relations rep, Phillip would tour with many legendary rock bands throughout the Southern States.

Memphis band Alamo featured (L-R) Larry Raspberry, Richard Rosenborgh, Ken Woodley and Larry Davis. Phillip was instrumental in getting the band signed to Atlantic only to have Raspberry depart the band prior to the album's release.

Manassas members Chris Hillman, Joe Lala and Stephen Stills share concert bows. Photo (c) taken on stage by Phillip in 1973.

Manassas first release on Atlantic

YES's breakthrough album and reaching critical acclaim was titled "Fragile." Hit songs from that album included "Roundabout," "Heart Of The Sunrise" and "Long Distance Runaround." Phillip traveled extensively as their Atlantic Press and Promo Rep during their groundbreaking tours and photographed (c) Jon Anderson boarding their private plane for the Southern States.

Cover of Life Magazine Special Edition

"Fragile" by YES was a multi-platinum seller

STAX FAX was a label publication sent to radio stations, distributors and print media outlets to keep all updated with in-house activities. This issue was released after the well publicized 27 album release party. From that release Issac Hayes "Hot Buttered Soul" album was the biggest selling item. Pictured here being awarded the gold record award are Jim Crudgington and Phillip Rauls.

An enlargement of the gold record award (L) from the March 1970 issue of STAX FAX.

Delaney & Bonnie's blue-eyed soul captured audiences and superstars alike. Followers were music legends such as Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Joe Cocker and Leon Russel. Pictured here at The Atlanta Pop Festival and captured by the lens of record promoter Phillip Rauls who also promoted their albums on both STAX and ATCO.

Delaney & Bonnie and Friends album titled "On Tour with Eric Clapton" featured Mr. Slowhand himself and released on ATCO Records.

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