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EMI Records Closes Out The Late 1980's With Amazing Results

Photo Page 16 covers the well-recognized period in the late 1980's and early 1990's where EMI Records dominated not only the Billboard Pop Singles Charts but also the Album Charts. The label had become a world leader in music and recently toppled their inhouse sister label, Capitol Records, while overshadowing them and breaking new recording artists globally. The talented EMI Records promotion team seemed to have the winning forumla for running a record up the charts while carefully monitoring the release schedules of other record labels. The N.Y. promotion & marketing staff coordinated their new releases around those intervals. This spacing proved critical in the timing of launching a priority project when the competition for airplay from other labels was at a minimun. Page 16 reflects successful results from that noted era.

The industry's top newspaper R&R covers the promotion activity of EMI Records in Seattle

EMI Records Northwest Promotion & Marketing Director Phillip Rauls at his Lake Union office in Seattle in 1990.

Robbie Nevil's 1987 monster hit "C' Est La Vie" topped the charts at #2 on the Pop charts while scoring the ultimate #1 on the Dance charts.

Robbie Nevil's third album on EMI was titled, 'DAY 1' and featured the songs "Just Like You" and "For Your Mind." One noted music critic referred to Robbie Nevil as sounding identical to "a white Stevie Wonder."

EMI Records signs the legendary Huey Lewis

The Pacific Northwest was the perfect area for the development of new recording artists as EMI Records placed major emphisis in the territory to ensure visibility for their investments.

Huey Lewis and The News first album on EMI Records is titled, "Hard At Play"

Robbie Nevil was a session guitarist and song writer from L.A. A brief discography of his hits on EMI: C' Est La Vie peaked at #2 Billboard, Dominoes #14 BB, Wot's It to Ya #10 BB, Back On Holiday #34 BB, Somebody Like You #63 BB, Just Like You #25 BB, For Your Mind #86 BB.

Here on a promotional stop in San Francisco is (L-R) Gary Cummings, Operations Manager from KZFN Radio in Moscow, Idaho with Huey Lewis and EMI's Phillip Rauls as they pose for a shot.

"Hard At Play" was praised by music critics claiming Huey Lewis & The News were "clean-cut rock & rollers who wore blue jeans and tennis shoes. Plus, their capella harmony sounded as if they were street corner guys singing do-wop favorites." The album yeilded the hit singles, "Couple Days Off" reaching #11 on Billboard and "Build Me Up" peaking at #21.

David Bowie's second album on EMI was his new group Tin Machine. The album was a break from his past in an attempt to reinvent himself.

Of course it's no secret that the record business didn't employ alterboys or nuns into their ranks but this statement by Don King might be a little exaggerated. You think?

Jack Satter, EMI's Senior VP of Promotion in center and Ron Geslin, Minneapolis Regional Manager on right, gather at a restaurant in Manhattan in 1991. Phillip Rauls EMI's NW Regional Manager is pictured on the left.

Robbie Nevil's hit song "Wot's It To Ya" on EMI topped Billboards Pop chart at #10 while being a strong favorite on the dance floors.

Can you imagine rushing home to show family members your picture that is published in a prominent trade magazine only to find those who observed the photo began sratching their heads and wondering if they even wanted to be associated with you anymore.

Queensryche's "Empire" album established the Seattle Progressive Heavy Metal Band as a major player in the Rock Music marketplace by selling over 3 million copies in the U.S. while peaking on Billboard's Album Chart at #9.

Pictured above is an authentic backstage pass from the Queensryche's 1990-91 World Tour. The tour supported the band's giant hit single "Silent Lucidity" that peaked Billboard's Pop Singles Chart at #9. Other singles from the Empire album were, "Jet City Woman", "Another Rainy Day", "Anybody Listening" and "Empire."

The infamous Rugburn Brothers were notorious for frequenting the rock clubs of Seattle while having considerable influence upon NW radio stations. The twosome also hosted exotic dinner parties and cooked-up tantalizing meals for selected party guest. EMI's Phillip Rauls and Virgin Records Bob 'Beak' Meyrs were good friends and frequently seen navigating together in the waters of the Puget Sound aboard the pleasure boat...The U.S.S. Bikini.

Long-time friends and associates, YES's Jon Anderson (center), Steve Howe (on right) and Phillip Rauls (left) pose backstage in Seattle at The Paramount Theatre in March, 1990. Their association goes all the way back to the early 1970's when Phillip worked for Atlantic Records and promoted and toured with the progressive rock icons on their first 7 albums.

KISW Radio in Seattle is certified with a Platinum Record Award for their contributing support of Queensryche's "Empire" album. (L-R) Eddie Jackson-Queensryche, Mike Jones-KISW, Kathy Faulkner-KISW, Scott Rockenfield-Queensryche and EMI Record's Phillip Rauls.

The great music of the 1990's is unforgettable.

The Seattle skyline is seen in the distant background from boat moorage on Lake Union. The Capitol & EMI promotion and marketing offices were located at that same location.

Seattle independent record label SUB POP Records established early grounds in the field of Grunge Music by releasing legendary albums by Northwest bands such as Narvana, Mudhoney and Soundgarden.

An evening of YES music by several members of the original band touring the globe and performing as, Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe as they played to a packed-house in Seattle at the historic Paramount Theatre.

1990 Radio & Records Convention lapel badge.

Released on Arista Records, Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe was a huge success while peaking on Billboard's Album Chart at #30. Cover art by Roger Dean.

EMI's West Coast Promotional assistant Mary Margaritas and NW Promotion Manager Phillip Rauls are caught off guard during a very unsuspecting moment.

Rush Street is the third EMI studio album by singer/songwriter Richard Marx. Released in late 1991, it sold over two million copies in the United States alone.

EMI's Richard Marx is pictured here with his lovely wife, Cynthia Rhodes during a gold record ceremony in Hollywood. Although Richard Mark is well known for his mega hits, Cynthia Rhodes is prominently acknowledged for her distincitive video appearances in hit movies such as, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing and Staying Alive.

The influence of Starbucks Coffee in the Northwest was undeniable. As locals enjoyed the product of a new homegrown Seattle brew, soon it's brand of java would spread worldwide.

Seattle would not be the same without it's annual Music and Arts Festival known as Bumbershoot. The 3-day festival is held every Labor Day weekend on the beautiful 74 acre Seattle Center just beneath the Space Needle.

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