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Photo 9 Page takes you through a pivotal shift in the record industry. In these pre-MTV years, the popularity of singer-songwriters continued to prevail. Plus, movie soundtracks also began to make a strong comeback. Yet artists with long term staying power proved to be still another issue. One hit wonders transended through the national charts while the industry's retail shops reflected moderate activity.

After Stax Records had declared for bankrutpcy in 1976, Phillip was hired as the new Midwest Regional Promotion & Marketing Director for 20th Century Fox Records. It was an exciting period as new artists and movie soundtracks dominated the charts keeping Phillip busy with newfound task and widespread duties. During this cycle, the record business encountered a phase of dance music that had become very popular in the nightclubs and discotheques. People began flocking into the clubs to experience a new world of strobe lights and Discotheque Music. Amid these changes, new fashions, lifestyles and consumer buying habits began to transform also. Despite the fact that Disco music highlighted the many talents of record producers and sound engineers, it also commenced a period of slumping record sales.


The Hollywood film conglomerate expanded it's entertainment umbrella with the development of it's very own independent record company, 20th Century Fox Records.

20th Centry Fox Record executives present the gold record award of Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch" to WZZQ Radio's Wayne Harrison. (L-R) Phillip Rauls, Lenny Beer, Wayne Harrison-WZZQ, Jackson, MS, and Barry Goldberg.

The Star Wars Movie Soundtrack on 20th Century Fox Records created a huge retail impact.

Suddenly George Lucas, the creator and producer of Star Wars, along with his loveable cast became a part of the biggest box office attraction in decades.

"Receiving the platinum Star Wars soundtrack award was one of the greatest honors I'd ever received" states Phillip.

The Star Wars movie created a Sci-Fi fan frenzie never seen before. The 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and their prominent new record label were now a leader in blockbuster soundtracks.

Phillip Rauls was Midwest Promotion & Marketing Director for 20th Century Fox Records.

The labels hottest singer-songwriter was newcomer Dan Hill who's "Sometimes When We Touch" stormed radio playlists across the nation. Pictured here in discussion are Dan Hill and label exec Barry Goldberg.

Dan Hill's monster hit single and album were both certified RIAA gold records.

Indy promoter Lee McLemore clowns with the Star Wars props of 3CPO and R2D2. The widespread success of 20th Century Fox Records in 1977 touched many peoples lives. Photo 9 Page offers extensive viewing of countless events.

Pictured above is a newspaper clipping from a memorable promotion event focusing on the release of the new 20th Century Fox movie "All This and World War II" (double-click to enlarge).

The movie soundtrack "All This and World War II" featured an impressive list of superstars such as Elton John, Leo Sayer, The Bee Gees, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, and Rod Stewart.

World War II fatigues and a Marine Corps tattoo were part of Phillip's costume for the film preimer. Movie attendants entered free if they wore clothing resembling the World War II era.

DJ Ron Olsen of WMC-FM 100 trys to distance himself from the wacky shenigans of movie goers Bonnie Cleaves and Mike King. In the background (R) is FM-100's Clarence Johnson, the braintrust of the tank brigade.

The official movie poster from the film by 20th Century Fox .

Pictured here is the Gold Record Award for "Do You Wanna Make Love" by Peter McCann being presented to WLAC Radio. (L- R) John Mitchell-Music City Dist, John Conlee-WLAC, Dick Kent-WLAC and Phillip Rauls-20th Century Fox Records.

Nashvile's WLAC Dick Kent, legendary producer Chips Moman and 20th Century Fox's Phillip Rauls chat after a performance of Tony Joe White .

20th Century went through a period with less than stellar management until the company hired executives Jack Hakim, Neil Portnow, Arnie Orleans and Lenny Beer. The results of this corporate restructuring produced hits by Barry White, Kenny Nolan, Stephanie Mills, Ambrosia, Gene Chandler, Rubicon, Edwin Starr and The Chi-lites.

In this classic photo of 20th Century Fox recording artist Tony Joe White, here the "swamp rocker" surrounds himself with world-class musicians. (L-R) Spooner Oldom-keyboards, Chips Moman-guitar, Dan Penn-guitar, Tony Joe White-vocals & guitar. (drummer & bassist unidenified) Double-click to enlarge.

20th Century's Tony Joe White wrote songs for many artists such as Elvis Presley and Brook Benton. Plus his smash hit "Polk Salad Annie" remains a classic.

20th Century believed in their new artist Bobby David so much that his album was delivered to radio stations via helicopter. (L-R) 20th Century's Phillip Rauls, Bobby David, Q's Mascot and WZZQ-Wayne Harrison.

Rarely do you find an album that every track reaches beyond expectations but this Bobby David LP was a gold mine of songs for this gifited songwriter.

Phillip Rauls flies shotgun on the promotional trip delivering the new Bobby David album. The exciting helicopter trip covered 7 different cities in 5 days.

The Bell Jet Ranger helicopter was piloted by a former Viet Nam veteran who was experienced at landing in small open spaces such as parking lots.

When Bobby David's helicopter landed in the parking lot of Nashville's Q-104, PD Michael St. John (L) put his record on the air immediately.

Huntsville Alabama's WVOV air personalities Dana and Pam interview Bobby David and add his new record to their playlist

A promotional visit to WSAI Radio in Cincinati captures Genya Ravan in center, with two DJ's, Tom Owens (L) and Mark Tipton (R).

Another exceptionly fine album on 20th Century Fox during this cycle was Genya Ravan's "Urban Desire."

Radio favorite Denton Marr of WEBN in Cincinati interviews Genya Ravan from the studio.

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